They’re the best! Love their vibe and choice of music.  ~Debbie

Very good library of songs and they play them well. Very fun show by two caring people. ~Danny

I love this duo and highly recommend them ! Vee and Joe compliment each other with their musical ability and energy. I love the diverse range of music they play and the let's have fun spirit they share with the audience. I feel blessed to be able to have see them perform in various venues and they never disappoint. Good music makes a party great and great entertainment makes an event memorable. Book Red Stapler for an evening of fabulous fun ♡ ~Justina

One of the most entertaining, fun, and talented duos ever! ~Denyse

My favorite local group - I try to catch them whenever they're around! The energy they bring to popular songs is infectious and you'll want to sing (or even dance!) along to their jamming. It's clear they're having a good time, and the audiences I've seen have been fantastic and responsive to the amazing energy of this duo! ~Katherine

Only the best around! They truly do play music with a twist. ~Eric

This duo has it figured out - a great playlist no matter the venue. V is an energetic and engaging front-woman (is that a word?) and her accomplice Joe on the drums adds just the right bit of well-timed comedy and flair. Oh, and not only are they entertaining - you can tell these are musicians that have polished their tunes and play the songs you want to hear. From a brewery to a backyard, it’s an experience you won’t regret. They complement each other extremely well in both musical offerings and stage dynamics. Just book ‘em. Seriously ~Ryan

Red Stapler Duo is so easy to work with. They know how to keep the audience engaged and ensure a fun time. They are very talented. Our wedding would not have been the same without them! ~Jennifer

The Red Stapler Duo are extremely talented musicians that deliver an awesome variety of music for everyone. They cover all bases from the rock'n party to kid and family friendly great times! ~Grady

Absolutely are the best. If you haven’t seen them do yourself a favor and GO! ~Kelley

I've seen them a couple of times. Incredibly talented duo. The entertainment never stops. Do yourself a favor and catch this act around town. You won't be sorry. Two thumbs way up!!! ~Richie


A welcoming duo of friends whose music is upbeat and engaging. They are also very active in the local community supporting small businesses as well as local charities. Don’t miss the chance to see them live and support them!  ~Terri

Amazing local talent! Check them out live sometime, so much fun! ~Gabriel

Freaking incredible & super entertaining duo, I love Vee's fiery red hair and personality! Never heard of them until seeing them perform tonight and you bet I'll be looking for the next show to attend! Great vibes and they cheered me up as soon as they started playing! I love the wide variety of music they play too!! ~Anne

Best local band who are also amazing humans !  ~Pamela

Red Stapler played for us on the Wells Theatre stage and it was epic! They were not only brilliant performers but also great to work with. ~Brad

Red Stapler Duo is an extremely fun and talented band to see live!! They perform a wide variety of songs from classic rock to modern pop. They put their own twist on songs that make them feel new again. The energy they bring to the stage is infectious. Highly recommend checking them out!! You won’t be disappointed! ~Megan

Great duo with an excellent variety of songs. I definitely recommend checking them out. ~Chris

Looking for a fun night of entertainment from two very cool people then go see a Red Stapler show. Highly recommended! ~Jennifer

This is my favorite duo!! Every show is unique and full of life. I definitely recommend not just going to see them do what they love but have an event book early! ~Heather

Great duo, great musicians! Impossible to not sing along. Go see them! ~Jan

A Sunday in the yard, gardening, planting, emptying a growler! thanks y’all. Sounded great ! Shared a watch party with Virtual Happy Hour ! All fun and chill  #homebound #heldtogetherbyaredstapler ~Don

Really fun to listen to. Great rapport with their audiences. Highly recommend seeing them wherever they perform. ~Joe

I was lucky enough to see Red Stapler Duo here in Williamsburg this past weekend. They are amazing! They killed it with some Janis Joplin and some Disney tunes! Come back to the Burg!  ~Chrissy

Red Stapler Duo is a FUN Husband and Wife duo who put their passion and love into their music, the first concert we attended across the street from the Stapler stage was AMAZING! you can see the love for what they do! My Son and I LOVED dancing in the street and escaping the daily grind for a bit! I would absolutely suggest Red Stapler Duo for any party, drive way concert or for any time you wanna have a good time and lots of smiles!! ~Lara

personality, upbeat, amazing, I could go on and on. the best bet is to check them out soon. ~Christine

These guys are incredibly talented and always bring the fun! They play a wide variety of familiar songs, but def put their own sound to it! Such an amazing duo!! ~Sherry

So many rad things to say! Great musicians, and amazing people!!! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see them if you haven’t yet!!! ~Curly

Incredibly talented. Hope to catch you again soon when I can stay longer! ~Adam

rad show!! cant wait to see them again. ~Carroll